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corredor infraestructuras de congresos

1. Madrid – Palacio Municipal de Congresos
2. Madrid – IFEMA
3. Madrid – Wizink Center
4. Madrid – Palacio de Congresos 
5. Toledo – Palacio de Congresos
6. Talavera de la Reina – Recinto Talavera Ferial
7. Plasencia – Palacio de Congresos
8. Cáceres – Palacio de Congresos
9. Villanueva de la Serena – Palacio de Congresos
10. Don Benito – FEVAL
11. Mérida – Palacio de Congresos

12. Zafra – Feria Ganadera de Zafra
13. Badajoz – Palacio de Congresos
14. Badajoz – Edificio Siglo XXI-Caja Badajoz
15. Badajoz – IFEBA
16. Portalegre – Centro de Congressos
17. Évora – Arena D`Évora
18. Sintra – Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval
19. Estoril Congress Center 
20. Lisboa – Centro de Congressos – CCL
21. Lisboa – Centro de Exposições e Congressos de Lisboa – FIL

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Iberian Southwest Corridor, the axis that connects Spain with Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula with Europe and the world.

But we need you, yes you. With your opinion we can build the Corridor together. Do you dare to participate?


  1. Comment what you thought about our proposal,
  2. Download the template and build your own corridor
  3. Share your proposal on the networks. Do not forget to tag us to send us your proposal. You can also send it by email to the following address: [email protected]
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