The new Talgo Extremadura-Madrid service, of which 2,000 tickets have already been sold, is now operational. The first train will leave Badajoz at 7.17 and will return from Chamartín at 15.48 (16.06 Atocha). In this regard, Renfe recalled yesterday that with this new service it is possible to travel to Madrid in 3 hours 23 minutes from Cáceres, 4 hours 21 minutes from Mérida and 5 hours 9 minutes from Badajoz.

In addition, for journeys made in the interior of the region, Renfe also incorporates medium-distance fares, thus offering the traveler two alternatives to move: choose the medium-distance fare or do it with those of the Talgo’s commercial services.

Talgo tickets can be purchased 60 days in advance and as it is a long-distance train, it is possible to access “dynamic rates” and promotional discounts of up to 70% on the ticket rate, in addition to the ‘Combinado Cercanías’, also valid for the Madrid commuter hub.

Renfe details that the new service will be provided with a “recently refurbished” Talgo vehicle of the VI series, which has a economy and preferred class, both with greater comfort as they have more space between seats and greater width. The train has a cafeteria and audio service with distribution of headphones and video (film or documentary broadcast). The preferred class traveler also has access to Club Rooms at stations and free newspapers, among other benefits.


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