In 2003 the Governments of Spain and Portugal signed an agreement at the Iberian Summit in Figueira da Foz, later ratified in 2004 by the Parliament and the European Commission, in which they undertook to connect Lisbon / Sines with Madrid through a new Line Railways for goods that came into operation in 2008 and through a High-Speed ​​Line for passengers that entered service in 2010, and that both lines were part of the basic trans-European transport network (TEN-T)

In the absence of initial agreements between the two States, and of these with the European Union, for various reasons and for prioritizing other objectives, there can no longer be justifications for this connection not being a priority for the two States, generating this delay important damages for all Portugal and Spain, but also for the entire European Network.

We demand that the Governments and Parliaments of the two States prioritize this connection between the two Iberian capitals and that all necessary decisions are made so that the following roadmap can be met:

2021: Lisbon-Madrid railway connection through Caya.

2025: Complete electrified rail connection between Lisbon-Madrid.

2028: Lisbon-Madrid High Speed ​​Connection.

We consider that Spain and Portugal need to improve their relations and mutual trust and that, connected, cooperating and uniting wills before the European Union and the World, we can be stronger to face the challenges and the many uncertainties that must be overcome in a hyperconnected and global scenario. .

We urge the Governments of Spain and Portugal, and the European Union, to carry out all the necessary actions in order to comply with this roadmap to fully operationalize the SOUTHWEST IBERIAN CORRIDOR of goods and passengers with the utmost urgency to promote the transformation of This space between the two Iberian capitals as a new axis of European development.

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Isolation of the Iberian Southeast

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 horizon 2021/2030

Corredor Sudoeste Ibérico

Corredor Sudoeste Ibérico

Road Map Proposal



  1. Recognition and commitment of the investments in infrastructures necessary for the Iberian Southwest , and their incorporation into the Infrastructure plans of the coming years.
  2. Development of a formally constituted and permanent private interest group that ensures the monitoring and continuity of the development of communication networks and transport in the Iberian Southwest and Europe.
  3. Efforts and actions will be concentrated in this year on the High-Speed ​​and Freight Train line that constitutes the central axis of the Iberian South-West Corridor with the following road map:
      • TRAIN WORTHY ALREADY. Radical improvements in infrastructure and current services to the maximum extent possible. Special actions in the sections that will be used in the coming years: PlasenciaMadrid, connections with Puertollano, Sevilla y Huelva.
      • Promotion of actions that allow works to be carried out in the high speed commute PlasenciaNavalmoral de la MataTalavera de la ReinaPantoja/Toledo, in order to be completed in 2026. Conventional network improvement actions and electrification of the route Talavera de la Reina Madrid.
      • 2021-2023: Actions in infrastructure, security sistems and electrification of the section MéridaPuertollano.
      • Extension of the current RENFE of Talgo Intercity service Madrid – Badajoz until Lisboa.
      • Completion of infrastructure in ejecution between Badajoz and Plasencia with all the High Speed ​​characteristics.
      • Entry into operation of the High Performance Train that allows the journey Badajoz – Madrid in less than 4 hours.
      • Starting of commuter/regionals trains that allow high frequencies of services on the axes: PlasenciaZafra and Don Benito/Villanueva de la SerenaBadajoz.
      • Planification to start of operation of the line Lisboa ExtremaduraMadrid using new and old infrastructures with improvements.


Completion of the new electrified line of Évora to Caia and the new railway connection of Sines.


Total electrification LisboaMadrid.


Termination and entry into service of the High Speed ​​ between Madrid and Lisboa. With all the finished infrastructures and of similar characteristics to the rest of the Iberian Network, being able to support the different necessary services of travelers and merchandise.


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