In the first semester of this 2017, the company publishes Adif High Speed ​​, which manages the construction of the railway in Spain, invested in Extremadura 32% of the provisions of the General State Budgets . In other words, half the year has passed and the investment has not reached a third of what was committed.

In figures, this means that between January and June the works destined to have a high-speed train or improve the existing network received 59.6 million euros in the region, when for the whole year the investment budgeted in Extremadura in the investment annex reais is 183.1 million.

The demand for a decent train and the arrival of high speed has become a key issue for Extremadura, even more so in a year in which more than 500 incidents have been registered on the line that passes through Extremadura. The main social and political agents in the region have signed a Pact for the Railway and on November 18 a protest-rally has been called in Madrid.

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