Another social group that joins the surveillance of the train so that the commitments by the central government are fulfilled and the region thus has its own 21st century railway. This time it is the Senior Club of Extremadura that has prepared a complete x-ray of the current situation of this expected project to closely follow the progress of the work. The lack of stations, illegal road sections and the absence of study of the route that goes from Oropesa to Madrid are the main alerts that they send from this group. Norberto Díez, head of the Senior Club infrastructure sector, says: “It is a vital project for our community and we want to examine the steps that are taken.”

The analysis carried out supports the project in five sections. The one that goes from Badajoz to Mérida considers that it is the most advanced since the platform is finished and the track is being installed (ballast, sleepers and rails). However, in a first stage the current road will continue to be used until the stations of both cities are built.

From the capital of Emeritus to Cáceres, the connections between the old and new routes will be made with provisional sections. The platform is finished but the future station on the Cáceres line is also missing.

From there to Plasencia, as in the previous cases, you will exit and enter through the current stop. The platform is finished until past the Almonte river viaduct. But the construction of the Tagus river viaduct is halted for the second time. And the platform between Casas de Millán and Plasencia has not yet been contemplated. There is also no forecast to start the installation of the road.


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